Posted: 3 years ago
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Doesn’t that sound like a fun name for a theme park? Welcome to Spiroland.

It’s beginning to look a lot like content here at DJG. Aside from the fact that it definitely does not (thank goodness) look like Christmas outside, I’m sure you’re wondering: what does content actually look like?

DJG’s on a mission this year – to rev-up our own blog and social content as an agency. We’re working every day to craft fun, exciting and original content just for you … our DJG family, friends, clients and potential new clients. We’re expanding our content calendar to feature employees and their positions, so you at home can get to know exactly where each piece of DJG work comes from. DJG is also going to highlight our awards and special client projects each month, so you at home on the computer, know where our success as an agency lies. And of course! We’ll also be featuring up-to-date information on all things advertising and marketing industry, so you don’t have to.

And now, after that long-winded introduction, we have below our first Employee Spotlight. Featuring Mr. Spiro Kladis – DJG Content Specialist and Motu.

Spiroland -

What’s a Motu?
Motu = Master of the Universe. And you know what, Spiro might just be …

We caught up with Spiro one Friday afternoon, after a #teamdjg lunch. Everyone was happy and full of falafel. After sitting down, we told Spiro the title of his feature blog post was going to be “Spiroland.” And his first question, “Do I get to charge admission?” Haha, of course, Spiro! This is your blog post and we’re just living in it.

Spiro went on to explain that his theme park would have all the BIG roller coasters with loose bars.

Q: Loose bars? Wait, why Spiro?
A: Because! I want people to be able to be thrown around in their seats! It’s more fun that way.


Ahem! Moving on …

Q: What is your official job title, Spiro?
A: Content Specialist and also, Motu (Master of the Universe) … try googling Motu, see what comes up.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job?
A: Not knowing what I get on my plate day to day. Every day is different. Some people would find that chaotic, but I actually kinda like it. Except for today and yesterday, I was working on updating 167 website templates. You have to do it manually for each one. It was a nightmare! All of them. Manually. And individually. UGH, haha.

Q: What is the thing you don’t like doing the most as DJG Content Specialist?
A: The commute. Where do I start? I’m an aggressive driver and I get very irritated very easily on the road. I know I shouldn’t but, I just despise stupidity. And there are plenty of those out on the road on any given day! And of course, I enjoy a good argument. Again, I know I shouldn’t – but I like the experience and the discourse of it all coming together and happening.

Okay, okay. That’s not the first person we’ve ever encountered to admit such a thing. Let’s go on:

Q: Tell me in more words, what do you physically do in a day for DJG?
A: For the most part, I work on creating and fixing emails for our clients. My favorite aspect, though, is when I get to write and show off my creativity. I love writing and that’s where my talent is. Serious writing, goofy writing … I love doing all of it. And sometimes, I get to help with that for our clients here at DJG and that’s the best!

Q: What have you written for DJG?
A: The pirate email for SWE! Perfectly creative. However, my favorite sentence in the email got cut. Oops. I also helped SWE this year as they developed taglines for their largest conference of the year: WE. DJG’s Creative Director, Ron, had me come up with tag-lines for WE17. I came up with 50 of them but then stopped myself cause I knew I wouldn’t stop.

Spiroland -

Only five official questions and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say: we get you and Spiroland … Spiro! Thanks for being a good sport and letting us get to know your position at DJG a little bit better.

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