Check it out! DJG wins three awards for our association membership marketing campaigns! IABC’s “Röcktober” 2017 campaign received a silver W3 Award and a Communicator Award of Distinction. SWE’s “I Am With SWE” 2018 campaign also received a Communicator Award of Distinction.

Social Media is a Team Sport

I had been reminded of this again when members of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer meeting’s hashtag started trending on Twitter this week.  Check out the hashtag: #WCLC2016. This wasn’t the first conference we used a hashtag for their meeting, so what happened?  In 2016, DJG-led social media strategy, supported with the onsite commitment from staff and fueled by engaged oncologists, created a surge in the Twitter conversation about the meeting.  Better photography, streaming video and improved staff coverage of social events and presentations during the conference created some robust content that the IASLC members were interested in.  Add to this a large international media contingent on site and a nice spike in social media status is the result.

Social media capture of ISALC results


You can't grow a client's social media presence unless they are committed to engaging with their colleagues, members and stake holder organizations on these channels.

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