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To be or Not to be On-site

VP of PR, Chris Martin and PR Manager, Jenny Jaacks on-site in ViennaMany lean toward the notion that the same quality of work can be executed from home base – and sometimes that’s true. But for the most part, at DJG, we tend to lean toward face-time.

This week, DJG’s PR team is on-site in Vienna, Austria at the IASLC 17th WCLC executing a PR program that has been months in the making. Because of the jump across the pond, there was at one point a question of whether or not two of our PR pros should go, just as they did last year in Denver. The answer was a quick and resounding ‘yes,’ and here’s why:

Being face-to-face sometimes makes our jobs easier. At any given moment in Vienna, journalists are approaching our PR team with questions or requests to interview different researchers at the conference. It’s much easier and much faster to coordinate these types of things face-to-face, both with the journalists they are sharing workspace with, as well as the client. If it’s an international conference, face-to-face time is all the more important, making immediate response seamless. No one’s waiting for the sun to come up across the sea to get answers when you’re on-site!

(L-R) DJG PR Manager, Jenny Jaacks with IASLC's Adam Mohrbacher and Becky Bunn, DJG VP of PR, Chris Martin

On-site presence allows you to adjust for the unplanned occurrence, like when a speaker is running late for your carefully planned press conference. You can outline logistics and create schedules all day long that can be executed remotely, but there’s no way you can plan for the unplanned without actually being on-site. You never know when technical difficulties will arise that need your input, or when you’ll need to delay your press conference and facilitate the media while other sessions run long! And, there is no greater reward than quickly fixing a technical glitch or smoothing over a unexpected situation in front of your client.

Having extra client face time is a very important reason to have on-site presence – especially if your client isn’t local. Not only are we able collaborate in person, but we are available for them if they need an extra hand with other things going on at their event.

These are just a few of the reasons why on-site presence at your client’s event is so powerful and so necessary.


In today's remote age, when it comes to the question of marketers' on-site presence at client conferences, meetings and events, the question be or not to be?

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