#WEAmsterdam — It’s kind of a big deal

Posted: 2 years ago
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Team DJG’s director of digital media and social media manager traveled all the way to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to work We Local’s European conference, #WEAmsterdam.

Q: What is SWE’s mission?
A: SWE has been advocating for a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce since the 1960s! In the last few years, the Society’s evolved globally to expand their membership, mission and events across the world.

Q: What is #WEAmsterdam?
A: The society’s third annual WE Local conference in Europe. In similar fashion to SWE’s annual conference here in the US (which hails 12,000 women engineers from all over the world!), the Society will host the meet-up in different European cities every year. This time it was Amsterdam; in 2016 it was Madrid, Spain.

Two Team DJG-ers, Angie and Alex, traveled to assist the client with on-site social media engagement and creating video content for SWE’s AllTogether Blog, social media and various other avenues of integrated digital media marketing.

With Angie’s TV news production background and Alex’s interest in being on-camera, the two traveling together is a perfect skill set match! Here is some of the on-site content the two produced:

Caption: Alex is SWE TV/WE Local’s on-camera host. Under Angie’s guidance, she prompts a group of attendees with questions regarding their engineering background, what brings them to conference and the aspects of the meeting they’re looking forward to.

Caption: Part of Angie’s job is to seek out specialized topics for video content. In this case, Angie approached SWE’s Jessica Rogers. Jessica is a SWE International Ambassador and founding member of SWE’s London affiliate. Alex specifically talked to Rogers about her experience founding the SWE chapter in Europe.

Angie and Alex were also on-site to capture LIVE content, filming the keynote speakers, sessions and panels. It’s Angie’s job to work the camera and Alex’s job to post conference happenings in real time on social media.

One of Team DJG’s favorite videos from #WEAmsterdam was the “Men As Diversity Partners” panel. This panel is an important part of SWE’s conference content and SWE makes it a highlighted topic at every conference. Here’s the video:

Alex was individually responsible for the Society’s Europe Facebook and Twitter pages while on-site. Here is a Facebook post from when Alex and Angie were there last week — you’ll notice this is video content and is a great example of how Angie and Alex work together effectively:

#WEAmsterdam — It’s kind of a big deal -

One of Alex’s favorite parts about executing LIVE social media strategy at any on-site event is live-Tweeting, “For me, it’s the best social platform to encapsulate the organic, inspirational and hard-hitting pieces of conference content SWE’s audience needs to see. You have every element of creativity at your quick disposal – copy, photographs, videos, geo-tagging and searchable hashtags,” Alex explains.

Here are some of the Tweets that did particularly well with SWE Europe’s audience:

#WEAmsterdam — It’s kind of a big deal -

Want to learn more about DJG’s client the Society of Women Engineers? Visit: Or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (search username: SWEorg), LinkedIn and Pinterest.

And of course, David James Group can travel to work your association’s conference, too! Here’s our agency’s work experience. Make sure to contact Dave directly if you want to work with us.

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