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Make Video a Part of Your Design and Information Architecture Tools

As video usage continues to grow, so does the importance of making video a key part of your digital design and information architecture tools. Video is essential for capturing an audience’s attention and presenting information in today’s digital environment. A Forbes headline from June reads “Video Marketing in 2018 Continues to Explode.” Consider this statistic from the article: more than 500 million hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube. In a 2018 survey that Hubspot conducted, 81% of businesses reported using video as a marketing tool, which is up 18% from Hubspot’s survey last year.

Video Placement Guidelines

Despite the increased presence of videos, many organizations still place them at the bottom of emails, hide them in links or forget about them altogether.

Consider these guidelines for the placement of video on websites:

  1. Use a simple video player that viewers are used to seeing such as YouTube or Vimeo with a video play button to provide a visual cue to users.
  2. Place videos above the fold (in the top part of the screen) and in a prominent spot so that viewers see them easily.
  3. Enhance search engine optimization (SEO) with good metadata such as a description that includes the word video and a verbatim transcription.

Video Gallery or Library Today, users want to be able to find information in a variety of formats including video. Websites should have a video gallery or library that is linked in a tab, card or area of the homepage that is easy to see. Videos should be organized by category and playlists. Descriptive thumbnail images are useful as well.

Many organizations spend time, effort and money producing videos, but they fail to consider where the video will be placed online, how it will be seen and why users will view it. David James Group (DJG) recommends starting any video project by completing a video creative brief that lists a series of questions that should be considered. One of the most important questions to answer is “Where will this video live online?”

DJG has the experience and talent to help guide your strategic interactive initiatives. Our staff of professionals will make sure your websites, emails, social media sites and other digital programs provide the user-centered design we all expect today. Learn more about our digital and interactive services on our website and contact us for more information.


As video usage continues to grow, so does the importance of making video a key part of your digital design and information architecture tools.

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