Text Message Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Associations Should Use It

Marketers have increasingly turned text message marketing to reach target audiences in a very personal and safe way: on their smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, and watches. Text messages, also known as SMS, (short message service) can be a powerful tool to add to your association marketing toolkit. 
Posted: 4 years ago

But should nonprofits turn this text message marketing channel on? We give you three good reasons why:

1. You can get close safelySmartmockups Jojz W E

As with anything you send to your members or stakeholders: ask permission first. But once you have that and marry it with the rest of their information from your database – you now have a direct line to them to send them a tailored message with the right information. Timely, safely, and actionable – win, win, win.

2. It should be part of your mobile strategy (you do have one, right?)

Over half of all global web traffic is now conducted on a mobile platform and the trend is growing, according to the latest statistics from Your website is mobile-friendly, most of your emails are being viewed on a mobile device and you’re surely tracking communication preferences. And, SMS or text messaging, has a much higher engagement than email. Meet your audience where they’re spending most of their time.

3. Value drives growth

Text Message Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Associations Should Use It | text message marketingJust as you would tailor any other message, associations can segment and target audiences with text message marketing. Looking to remind a lapsed member to renew their membership? Send them a quick text message with a renewal link! Want to invite an exclusive group to a virtual event? Send them a text message with an invitation…Need your members to take action on pending legislation that affects them, a text message linked to their legislator can stop a bill in its tracks.

Making it fast and easy for your audiences to engage with you with text message marketing – especially when your messages carry a sense of action and urgency – makes it more valuable than email and constituents are more apt to engage right away. After all – what is the first thing you turn on in the morning?

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