5 Techniques to Promote Your Healthcare Association Virtual Meeting

Going digital or virtual does not need to put a damper on your meeting promotion, especially if you are a healthcare association. Join us for part one in this three-part series- Healthcare PR in a Virtual World.
Posted: 3 years ago

5 Techniques to Promote Your Healthcare Association Virtual Meeting:

Virtual MeetingCull Through Your Abstracts

Sort through your abstracts to see if you can find a diamond in the rough. Often these are arcane and only of interest to those familiar with the subject matter. A careful look through them might yield surprising results. Case in point, for a lung cancer client, we found an abstract on lung cancer screening for first responders that netted extensive national media coverage. Need some guidance in your evaluation? Seek out a scientific staff member or a volunteer.  Ask that it be put on the agenda of the meeting committee.

Zoom Interviews.

Conducting video interviews via Zoom creates audio and video files that can be edited and repurposed. I recently interviewed some researchers and embedded a link to their video in the news release on their presentation. The video gives journalists a better sense of why the research is significant and worthy of coverage. Zoom also creates an audio file that you can use in podcasts and other contexts to support your meeting, and boost your website’s SEO, too.

Connect Zoom to Facebook Live and YouTube.

When your meeting was live and in person, you restricted access to many of the sessions because attendees were paying—you were reluctant to give away content. But if you go virtual and reduce your costs, it opens new avenues for consideration. Use tools like the Ecamm Live live streaming production platform to broadcast your Zoom meeting to Facebook Live or to your YouTube page. Be sure to monitor questions and reactions.

Hold a Virtual Press Conference.

COVID-19 has restricted large gatherings and made the optics of holding an in-person press conference look bad. But, transferring your in-person press conference to a virtual one is not difficult and may work in your benefit. Staff at news outlets have been cut extensively—there are few specialists who are set up to cover your area. Today you are likely to attract a general health reporter or business reporter. And, they do not have time to hustle across town to cover your presser and get back to file their story.  During a 30 – minute virtual press conference they can access from their own desk or home, which may be the perfect compromise between your desire to package your news to a larger group of media and the reporter’s need to be efficient.

Reconfigure Social Media.

In 2019, we were likely to be on-site managing our client’s social media.  That meant attending sessions, taking photos, and posting in real-time. Today, we are more likely to post content in draft form in advance and update it with a screengrab from the conference.  This approach removes the hustle part of your job but allows for better planning and preparation.

Going virtual creates new opportunities to promote your meeting to the media and to other audiences.  After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many of these techniques will remain popular because they work well for associations on limited budgets who need to find new and compelling ways to reach the media and other key audiences.

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