Five Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Your Association Marketing Efforts

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are powerful tools that have transformed beyond their humble buzzword beginnings. AI is interwoven with everything we do from driving down the road, sending a text message, or posting something onto social media. AI also has a role in association marketing and should be implemented into all of your marketing tactics. Artificial intelligence in your marketing can include the use of predictive analytics, email personalization, creating targeted blog content, or something as simple as showing a personalized message when someone logs into your website.
Posted: 3 years ago

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing can be broken down into the automation of both high- and low-level processes. A high-level example includes automating the creation of a unique email-based customer journey that triggers targeted follow-up emails using intelligent email click activity and engagement scoring. A low-level automation could be as simple as a chatbot that directs users or answers questions on your website. By taking a hands-off approach to marketing automation through the use of AI, you can shift your focus to other marketing-related responsibilities. Let your AI platforms use their algorithms to provide the best response methods to serve and target your audience.

Of course, artificial intelligence is at its best when it can leverage your member and marketing data. By taking the steps to ensure a two-way flow of information, you’ll have the “big data” analytics you need to gain a deeper understanding of member/non-member behaviors. This will provide you with actionable insights that will have a big impact on existing and future marketing campaigns.

Below are a few examples of free and low-cost platforms that we recommend to implement artificial intelligence and leverage your association’s data to fuel marketing efforts:

Analytics is Your Data Scientist

Google Analytics v4
Google Analytics v4 offers a brand-new way to look at your website analytics. Included, for free, in Google’s new customer-centric version of v4 are tools that provide predictive analytics, natural language processing, and insights on how your website is being used. You’ll also learn who is using your site, and where they go when they leave it. Google uses its machine learning technology to provide you with actionable insights through its “big picture” marketing analytics. Another benefit (over v3) is that the interface is simplified, using data points that quickly grab the big picture of what’s going on with your website and any paid search efforts.

Iclarity AlternativeConnect with DJG to learn how version 4 can change your audience outlook and forecast.

Microsoft Clarity
Relatively new to the automation space is Microsoft Clarity. This platform allows you to record sessions and utilize heat maps to determine how people are engaging with your content. Similar platforms, such as HotJar, accomplish the same thing however the Microsoft Clarity platform is currently free to use. Learn more about how we do this.

Social Media Automation Merges Big Data with Engagement

Pexels Tracy Le BlancContentStudio
ContentStudio is a creative way to enhance your social media as a conversational AI platform by automating your associations social media efforts. You can curate a list of related articles based on topics your association believes in and with a few clicks push out these articles to your social media channels without having to log into each one. The constant flow of evergreen content can get your social media feeds updated while keeping your members engaged with your content, sponsored content, and future partnerships.

For smaller associations with limited financial and staffing/marketing resources, SocialBee is the perfect platform to automate social media efforts using conversational AI. SocialBee is similar to Sprout and Hootsuite, in that it helps you publish your social posts out easily to your different social media properties. However, it’s available for a fraction of their costs. With SocialBee you’ll have a simple interface that allows you to schedule your content using calendar functionality and keep your feeds up-to-date.

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Efficiently Repurpose Your Content for Podcasts

Play Ht
Podcasts offer associations a proven way to increase engagement. With more of your audience being on-the-go these days, podcasts are a way to get your message into their hands often without much effort on the recipient’s side. A great way to reduce your efforts to create podcasts is to convert existing blog posts into a new audio podcast using a platform such as With you are able to upload a text-based blog post and it will be converted into a popular audio format using one of its available 25+ voices. The result sounds realistic and the wide variety of voices allow your association to have both men and women read your content. Tools such as are simple to get up and running with.

Artificial intelligence and the application of data work hand in hand to improve the performance of any association’s marketing efforts. And, they make your job as an association marketing professional more efficient and effective—they allow you to do what you do best. With a few extra hours in your day, we see artificial intelligence as a modern, cost-effective way to remain in touch with your members’ needs and increase engagement.

We’re here to help you better understand how your association can benefit from AI.

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