“When a Body Works as One”: A Gold Circle Win for ACA’s Membership Marketing Campaign

Congratulations to our client the American Chiropractic Association! ACA received the ASAE 2022 Gold Circle Award for Membership Recruitment for its membership marketing campaign “When a Body Works as One.”  
Posted: 2 years ago

“When a Body Works as One.”: A Gold Circle Win for ACA's Membership Marketing CampaignWith nearly 200 submissions ranging in 15 categories, this year’s Gold Circle Awards were evaluated by over 150 diverse judges in associations, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations. ACA was recognized for its win at ASAE’s 2022 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference last week in Washington D.C. Jane Zaretskie, CAE—ACA’s VP, Marketing & Member Service—joined other winners on a panel featuring Gold Circle Award winners and fielded questions about this membership marketing campaign from association executives in the audience.

ACA Looked to DJG to Increase its Membership Totals

The association membership marketing campaign derived from a need to regain connection and mutual communication with lapsed members and prospects during the pandemic in the years 2020 and 2021. The goal of this campaign was to promote the value an ACA membership can provide on a personal and professional level.

When we approached DJG about this campaign we had two goals: find an agency that would bring new ideas to our membership marketing and demonstrably move the needle for us,” said Zaretskie. “DJG delivered on both accounts and proved to be a great partner in this initiative. They managed the campaign which allowed us to focus on other responsibilities—they made it easier for us to ‘get a win!’”

The ACA/DJG Partnership Delivered!

“When a Body Works as One.”: A Gold Circle Win for ACA's Membership Marketing CampaignResults relied heavily on digital marketing strategies for associations and leveraged a journey-style approach while the messaging focused on the benefits of being an ACA member. By providing insight into how member support allows ACA to be the leading advocate for favorable medical policies and legislation for Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine, the campaign message was delivered through a series of tactics including an eCommerce landing page, email, social graphics, retargeted ads, and print collateral.

By the end of 2021, DJG helped ACA:

  • Add 276 new members (including lapsed members) exceeding their goal by 10%.
  • Deliver a campaign ROI of 95% in its first year.
  • Project a 790% campaign ROI over the next five years—the average membership length.
  • New registrants included 236 established practitioners and 40 new practitioners.

It’s always important to remain flexible with these types of membership marketing campaigns,” said Drew Navolio, DJG’s VP of Client Services & Partner. “By monitoring the analytics, micro-polling new members, and diving deep into other data, we learned more about why DCs were joining. We learned that a leading reason to join was to support ACA’s public policy initiatives, so we leaned into that messaging—and it worked.

This Gold Circle Award is the seventh win for David James Group clients.

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“When a Body Works as One.”: A Gold Circle Win for ACA

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