Cadmium Announces Partnership with David James Group

A leading association marketing firm streamlines event planning with new plugin, ParrotWP™
Posted: 2 years ago

WASHINGTON (July 26, 2022)Cadmium today announced a partnership with the David James Group to streamline event marketing for their customers in the association, non-profit, and corporate sectors.

Cadmium Announces Partnership with David James GroupThe announcement coincided with the unveiling of ParrotWP™—a plugin developed by David James Group to enable the automatic transfer of presentation and presenter data from Cadmium’s event technology software to WordPress-based event websites. The plugin promises to eliminate errors and tedious manual data entry for the customers of both organizations.

“Working with our clients that have WordPress-based event sites, we recognized an opportunity to publish event data based in Cadmium’s Event Harvester much more efficiently,” said Dan Jasker, David James Group’s Head of Digital Services. “Before we developed ParrotWP™ we (or our clients) had to bring the data into WordPress manually, which meant double work, led to potential errors, and didn’t guarantee our conference sites were always up-to-date.”

The David James Group unveiled the plugin today at Cadmium’s annual conference, Cadmium Spark, at Nationals Park in Washington.

Cadmium is an event and learning software provider based in Forest Hill, Md., that offers continuing education, professional development, and content management solutions. The David James Group is a Chicago-based association marketing firm specializing in event marketing, website design and development, rebranding strategies, and more.

“We believe in making a client’s event brand experience as positive as possible,” said Ron Zywicki, President of the David James Group. “ParrotWP™ and our partnership with Cadmium allow us to ensure that any visitor to an event website developed in WordPress will have seamless, user-friendly access to the info they need.”

ParrotWP™ retrieves presentation and presenter information from the Education Harvester—one of Cadmium’s flagship event technology products. The plugin thus provides several key benefits to their mutual customers:

  • Seamless data migration into WordPress-based websites ensures that presentation and presenter information remain in sync and up to date.
  • By eliminating the need for manual data entry, ParrotWP™ reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies on attendee-facing websites.
  • Automatic syncing across more than 280 custom fields in the Education Harvester puts total control over event data in the hands of meeting planners.

“We value partners who develop solutions that fit seamlessly onto our products,” said Paul Zickert, vice president of Partnerships at Cadmium. “The David James Group has invented an indispensable time-saving tool that promotes seamless event marketing for users of Cadmium technology.”

To learn more about the DJG plugin ParrotWP™, visit

About Cadmium
Cadmium simplifies the production of live, hybrid, and virtual events and maximizes the value of online learning with a single, flexible platform designed to capture the chemistry of people, ideas, and knowledge. The company’s software products are trusted by more than 1000 content-driven organizations worldwide to generate revenue, drive customer retention, and lower operational costs for their events and education initiatives. For more information, visit

Contact: Jessie Reyes | Cadmium

About the David James Group
DJG is a full-service association marketing communication firm focusing on successful event marketing, membership marketing, brand and rebranding strategies, website design and development, social media, public relations, video production, and other services. DJG serves mission-based clients of all sizes with specialties in healthcare, engineering, diversity & inclusion, life sciences, manufacturing, energy, technology, and business services. DJG is a division of the David James Company.

Contact: Chris Martin | David James Group

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