B2B Public Relations & Social Media

In B2B content is king. We believe a good PR program will give the press, bloggers and other content developers what they are constantly looking for: credible newsworthy information to re-package and distribute. This, of course, helps build your brand in an authentic way and engages your target audience. DJG offers PR services as part of a social media or marketing plan or stand alone; services include public relations strategy and message development, writing, media relations, social media relations and media training.


PR Planning and Strategy
Public Relations done well gives your brand credibility that other marketing tactics may not deliver. PR takes planning and a strategic approach to ensure maximum effectiveness. What you may feel is newsworthy may not be to the press. Or, what you feel may generate little interest may surprise you. DJG can develop a PR plan and strategy that turns heads your way.

Brand Journalism
Yes, most professionals can write. But a PR professional knows how to write in such a way that it captures the media’s attention and generates coverage. DJG can develop press releases, blog posts and other content. We can start from scratch or work with you to enhance content already generated.

Reputation Monitoring
With the amount of content published out there, both in print and online, it’s a challenge to monitor your PR efforts to determine if they’re resulting in coverage. DJG can monitor on your behalf. We use sophisticated tools to capture coverage and will provide you with press clippings, links, etc.


We get it: you're thinking, "My mom's on social media, how hard can it be?" Well ... it’s not hard to get on, but it is a challenge to approach social media strategically and stay relevant and fresh. We can help you evaluate the available channels to determine where you should be, and how best to get there. And, because social media is ever evolving DJG can help you stay up-to-date as your social media go-to resource.

Social Media Planning and Strategy
DJG has created award-winning social media programs that have dramatically extended how our clients interact with their target audiences. Social media is not something to rush into. It takes a strategic approach that’s rooted in defined goals. We can help your brand benefit from the power of social media.

Social Media Creative
Like any other marketing communications tactics, your Twitter site, YouTube channel and Facebook page must reflect your brand, both visually and through messaging. DJG has demonstrated experience in creating assets and themes that extend your brand into social media.

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