SSO: Website Category Winner | asae gold circle awards 2020
  • Introduction
  • Project Overview
  • Goals/Objectives
  • Strategy/Tactics
  • Success Metrics

gold circle award category winner

Society of Surgical Oncology: Website

We made SSO’s new website click. The result? A 50% increase in traffic.

SSO: Website Category Winner | asae gold circle awards 2020
The Results

Membership section of the new website experienced


increased engagement

Simplifying our navigation was key


increase in sitewide page visibility

Project Overview


The Society of Surgical Oncology rebranded the Society in 2019. A key component of the successful rebrand was the overhaul of their website—SURGONC.ORG.

The prior site was severely outdated. There was limited content strategy, the platform was not user-friendly, SEO was non-existent, and the website was visually uninviting. Traffic and user engagement was declining steadily and members often complained that they couldn’t find what they needed and that the site had limited value as a resource.

So, their strategic and thoughtful redesign and redevelopment of SURGONC.ORG was critical to successfully rebranding and repositioning their organization as a leading resource for our global membership of more than 3,200 surgical cancer care professionals. After months of planning and hard work, the new website—complete with a user-friendly platform, a comprehensive content strategy and a contemporary, professional and welcoming design—exceeded SSO expectations.



Goal #1:

Reinforce the value of membership and community


Overall the membership sections of the new website have increased engagement by


Goal #2:

Increase awareness
of the brand and profession


Education pages have increased in page views by


over the previous year

Goal #3:

click-thru rates


Reduce pages. Reduce clicks.


page visibility increase


Working with SSO we developed a complete website experience that included design / development, a strategic SEO audit and plan, alongside a complete overhaul of site navigation:

  • Researched the existing brand landscape
  • Developed a strategic brand planning document
  • Completed a content audit and SEO strategic planning document
  • Content audit
  • SEO planning document
  • Created a project planning document
  • Blueprinted UX/UI wireframes
  • Created Site design mockups
  • Migrated Sitefinity CMS content to WordPress CMS
  • Developed a custom single sign-on login bridge built between WordPress and the iMIS Membership Platform.

Success Metrics/Results Achieved

Reinforce the value of membership, ongoing education and fellowship 

Success: Increased traffic to revenue-driving sections by at least 30% in the first 6 months.
These sections included membership, education and fellows.

Membership section page views have increased by 83%
Education page views have increased by 1,050%
Fellows page views have increased by 150%
This has lead a rejuvenated presence amongst our members both present and future.

Increase awareness of our brand and the impact of the profession.

Success: Increased visibility of the website by 50%, through organic search, referral traffic and email.

The new website had an extensive SEO plan put together prior to getting started with design or development.
The content auditing process required hours of review and optimization testing.

Increase click-thru rates while pioneering a “click and go” user experience

Success: Increased site traffic by 20% in the first 6 months.

Site traffic has increased by 20% in the first 6 months (102,205 vs. 85,461) due to the reduced amount of pages, simplified navigation and a medically sophisticated UX/UI.
We also contribute this success to our WordPress CMS selection which has helped content developers create dynamic looking content versus a basic text editor we were required to use in our previous website.

Tune in to hear Stir and Tell Podcast host Chris Martin discuss with DJG staffers how DJG helped our client, SSO, redesign, redevelop and transform their website during their rebrand, earning them an ASAE Gold Circle Award for Websites.

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