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Tips for Your First Virtual Video Interview

Have you been asked to do a virtual video interview with a reporter, university recruiter, or potential employer?

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Social Media is a Team Sport

You can’t grow a client’s social media presence unless they are committed to engaging with their colleagues, members and stake holder organizations on these channels. 

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To be or Not to be On-site

In today’s remote age, when it comes to the question of marketers’ on-site presence at client conferences, meetings and events, the question be or not to be?

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International Conference Ignites Passion and Energy on the Job

#teamDJG's VP of PR, Chris Martin and PR Manager, Jenny Jaacks are currently overseas in Vienna, Austria for IASLC's (Association for the Study of Lung Cancer) annual meeting. Read as they dive into the daily to-do's, PR wins and much more ...

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Topics: Associations, Marketing, Research, Staff Profiles

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