Stir up some excitement

Brand Building Services with DJG

No matter the cause you and your members serve, DJG can help you cause a stir. As a premier association and non-profit branding agency, we can help you discover, enhance, evolve, share and magnify your brand voice and image.

We've applied our thorough process to build strategically-based brands for a wide range of association clients in multiple sectors. And, because leadership and member adoption are critical to any association brand, we take the extra steps to help you develop a complete brand adoption and rollout process. Our approach works, our clients' membership embrace their new brands and ASAE has recognized our work with a Gold Circle award.

DJG Cause A Stir with Brand Building

Integrated Marketing Communications

For fifteen years, DJG has planned and created effective integrated marketing communications programs for our association clients. We apply B2B thinking and leverage strategically-based creative ideas using the right mediums for your goals, including traditional print, interactive, PR and social media.

Marketing Research

To learn more about your audience, competition or market opportunities, DJG works with you to develop primary and secondary research programs that get at the actionable insights you need. Interested in message and creative testing? We do that too.

Marketing Planning and Strategy

DJG has deep expertise in marketing planning and strategy for both B2B and association marketing communications programs. From a single product or program to a total communications campaign, we develop an approach that delivers on your goals.

Branding / Rebranding / Identity

Whether you need a new identity developed or are looking to rebrand your association, DJG takes a strategic approach and employs a proven process to brand identity development. From naming exercises and logo creation to an overall look and feel, member adoption strategies and brand rollout, we help your brand reach its full potential and cause a stir.

Brand Messaging

DJG’s unique approach to messaging takes you and your brand through an exhaustive process that ensures you are communicating the best messages for your brand and your target audiences. From key messages that set you apart and define your value proposition to elevator speeches and more, we help you find your voice.

Event Marketing

For most associations and professional societies, the annual meeting—and other events—are often the largest contributors to the bottom line. Successful events make for healthy organizations. DJG has extensive experience in association event marketing including planning and strategy, brand development/redevelopment, messaging, integrated marketing campaigns, website and app development, signage, onsite brand experiences, onsite event production and onsite communications (including social media and PR). We pretty much can do anything required to ensure your event is well attended, and well perceived.

Membership Marketing

All membership-based organizations know the challenges of recruiting and retaining members. It's a 365-day effort to keep and grow your membership numbers. DJG can put our membership marketing experience to work on your behalf in order to raise awareness of and pique interest in your association, grow memberships and keep current members engaged and on board. We also can consult with you on how your membership management systems impact a successful membership marketing program. 

Media Planning, Strategy and Implementation

With the exponential rise of interactive platforms and social media, Media planning, strategy and implementation has gone through seismic changes in the last decade. Advertising to your target audience(s) has become more complex, yet much more precise and measurable. DJG has the expertise to ensure that regardless of the type of campaign you embark upon, your message will get in front of the right people.