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DJG can raise awareness to your cause and your future customers through effective search engine optimization

Searching online is primarily how people look for information about associations such as your own. But if your information doesn’t rank in search results, or your website isn't using the latest website optimization techniques, there’s a good chance you may not be noticed at all. That’s where DJG comes in as one of the premier search engine optimization seo companies.

Working with you, our team of SEO experts researches and identifies the most relevant keywords to meet your expressed goals, through effective search engine optimization, using keyword performance data, competitive analysis and your own client research. Once the keywords have been agreed upon, our team makes sure they’re strategically implemented across your site so your association climbs the ranks in search results, and your potential members will more likely engage with your content.

DJG can raise awareness to your cause and your future customers through effective search engine optimization

A Proven Record of Online Success

DJG has raised initial search and cause awareness visibility of our clients by 77%.  We do this by widening their reach and helping them find their intended audience online while providing strategies on how to pass their competitors.  Associations need SEO / SEM to keep their cause at the top of the search engines and 50% of the time it's the small details that make the biggest difference.

We provide guidance for our clients to help them learn SEO and how to do SEO properly. Through training, our clients thoroughly understand search engine optimization basics, how to optimize a website for search engines, and other web page optimization best practices.

On-page SEO and Off-page factors

We use on-page optimization tools, like header tag optimization, title tag optimization, robots.txt optimization and many others to make it easy for search engines to find your site. Additionally, our team works collaboratively to ensure maximization of off-page factors, like social shares, blog engagements and more.

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What we look for and what it costs...

Our on-page tools evaluate things such as keyword ranking and research, device-responsive optimization, title tag optimization, robots.txt optimization, html source code optimization, image and hyperlink optimization, header tag optimization, content strategy and mapping.

*All plans include a mandatory $1,000 setup fee which goes into setting up accounts and implementation.
Keyword research totals do not transfer between plans.
Looking for paid search, ppc, retargeting or remarketing plans?  Pricing information available upon request

We offer a one-time payment option to do an analysis of your associations brand and digital landscape without a monthly fee attached. This is an important step in determining which plan makes the most sense for your association. Contact us for more information

Developing Custom Programs. Thinking Longterm. Reported.

We develop a unique SEO program, packed full of information, that includes our recommendations before we do any work on your site.  Our rates are competitive, if not better, than the other guys and by being a fully integrated marketing agency we are able to modify graphics and develop marketing materials around SEO-driven campaigns plus so much more. DJG is highly experienced and well versed in SEO best practices. We have all of the most important tools in our SEO toolbox and are available for your association.

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Digital Advertising / SEM

Display ads, retargeting/remarketing, social media advertising, pay-per-click and of course search engine marketing (SEM) all make for multiple options to reach potential members, promote certification or offer education. DJG can help you, using effective search engine optimization techniques, to strategize, plan and execute a tailored digital advertising campaign.