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Stir up influence with DJG

Social media has earned its place as a serious strategy in an integrated communications and marketing plan. In the non-profit space, many associations and brands use social media to amplify their message to their key audiences. We can help you evaluate the available channels to determine where you should be, and how best to get there. Do you want to know how often to post content? What times are best to post? DJG can help you answer these questions and plan a strategy that makes sense for you. And, because social media is ever evolving, DJG can help you stay up-to-date as your social media go-to resource.


Social Media Planning and Strategy

DJG has created award-winning social media programs that have dramatically extended how our clients interact with their target audiences. Social media is not something to rush into. It takes a strategic approach that’s rooted in defined goals. We can help your brand benefit from the power of social media.

Social Media Creative

Like any other marketing communications tactics, your Twitter site, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook pages must reflect your brand, both visually and through messaging. DJG has demonstrated experience in creating assets and themes that extend your brand into social media.

Social Media Execution

At DJG, we have experience planning and executing social media strategies, from curating content and editorial planning to community management and crisis management via social.  At the beginning of our engagement, we discuss your target audiences on social, your goals and expectations and create a social media plan to help you reach those audiences and achieve your goals.

Paid Social Media Strategy

Are you alarmed, like many brands, that the engagement rate for your social media content has nosedived recently? It may not be your fault—many social media channels have adjusted their algorithms to the detriment of most content. In many cases, adding a paid social media strategy makes sense to augment your existing organic content. Whether it’s boosting content on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, or creating creative ad campaigns, we can help you create the right balance between paid and organic content that helps increase your reach and meet your goals.