GenCell Biosystems CLiC Website

David James Group partnered with GenCell Biosystems to create and implement an integrated marketing program that would promote the new product launch of an innovative library preparation instrument for next-generation sequencing. To support the launch of a new product name and branding, we developed a microsite that would house all the campaign elements and bring the new product to life.




GenCell Biosystems was almost completely unknown in the marketplace with no pre-existing perception.

So, we approached microsite development with a clean slate and a goal to position the organization and product as high-energy, cutting edge, customer-focused, creative and passionate. We wanted the campaign and microsite to separate the organization from the competition, communicating that this new, novel and superior technology is a game-changer.

The main feature of the new microsite was a video that walked through the technology and benefits of the GenCell Biosystems CLiC LP product. The video catered to an audience of laboratories in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural industries as well as public research institutions. The video walked through the benefits of the production system as well as technological breakthroughs.

Messaging in the video and across the microsite was highly driven by messaging developed in the branding phase of the product launch. This ensured campaign tie-in and consistency. Product benefits and specifications were a key highlight.

The microsite featured a lead capture form for easy lead development and prompt customer service. The microsite was mobile optimized to reach audiences across all devices and to ensure that the website performed flawlessly no matter where you were viewing it.

With GenCell Biosystem’s new microsite, we aimed to get the message across that the organization’s product will make laboratory researchers’ and directors’ jobs easier while improving the quality and quantity of their output. Through creative design and expert web execution, we were able to get the message across that GenCell Biosystem’s new product will help labs and the people working in them be more successful.

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