To establish its annual meeting as the premier meeting in lung cancer study and advancement, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) sought to improve its perception among healthcare professionals and doctors by increasing its presence in the media.




Working closely with IASLC, David James Group (DJG) developed a strong media relations strategy that included work to build IASLC media presence before, during and after the conference.

Given the international conference location in Vienna, Austria, a heavy focus was put on vetting research that would be presented at the meeting as well as using newsworthy story ideas that journalists would be interested in covering no matter what their region. DJG developed press materials based on these story ideas to make covering the IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer as easy as possible for journalists. DJG also consulted with IASLC prior to the meeting in order to develop an onsite media policy, a daily press conference schedule, an interview room schedule and a social media plan of action.

This positioned IASLC as the premier voice in the study of lung cancer research among members, journalists and the medical community as a whole.

IASLC Event PR | media presence

Onsite, DJG served as the main media contact, sending out press materials, coordinating interview requests and making sure media partners had everything they needed throughout the week. DJG also executed daily press conferences featuring newsworthy research highlights from each day.

Our work had an impact — the program increased media placements and impressions across the board as compared to years prior, increased engagement on social media and earned a satisfactory rating among media that attended. At the meeting in 2016, 157 global media partners were present onsite in Vienna, Austria and DJG garnered 3.46 billion media impressions for the meeting.

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IASLC Event PR | media presence

IASLC Event PR | media presence

IASLC Event PR | media presence

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