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Since 2004, SLAS has worked with DJG to drive attendance to its annual conference through event brand development and integrated event marketing communications. We collaborated with SLAS staff to create a bevy of innovative ideas that portray just the right mix of creativity and straight-forwardness SLAS members look for.




Each year, life sciences professionals and students set their sights on SLAS’ international conference and exhibition.

SLAS has partnered with David James Group since 2004 to increase event attendance to its annual meeting through event brand development and integrated event marketing communications.

Each year, DJG aims to develop a conference theme and corresponding visual identity that scientists will find relevant. We work with SLAS staff to create ideas that portray just the right mix of creativity and straight-forwardness. For SLAS2018, we encouraged attendees to be where the life sciences community converges with the theme “Where Discovery Meets Technology.” The theme and corresponding creative proved to ignite excitement among members and the scientific community to meet in San Diego for the meeting.

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We executed with an integrated conference marketing mix that supported the brand identity including the development of creative, signage, marketing collateral, advertisements, a media partner program, an exhibitor marketing kit and more.

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We supplemented creative with comprehensive public relations and social media strategies. The public relations plan included media pitching before, during and after the event to generate press coverage of the conference. We also implemented a press conference announcement and a media reception to allow for increased interaction between the 22 registered media partners and SLAS executives. The result was 4.51M+ impressions generated and more than 250 media placements highlighting SLAS2018. SLAS also received a verbal “thank you” from several media partners onsite for making a deliberate effort to establish relationships with them.

SLAS2018 Event Marketing | event marketing

Our social media strategy combined planned posting with onsite photography and videography to help tell the story of #SLAS2018. We focused on quality posts rather than quantity. This led to an increase in impressions by over 188 percent and an increase in engagements by 354 percent.

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