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DJG helped modernize the Society of Surgical Oncology with a new website design as well as onsite social media during its annual conference SSO 2019.


Society of Surgical Oncology


Society of Surgical Oncology Website | society of surgical oncologyThe Society of Surgical Oncology rebranded the Society in 2019. A key component of the successful rebrand was the overhaul of our website—SURGONC.ORG.

The prior site was severely outdated. There was limited content strategy, the platform was not user-friendly, SEO was non-existent, and the website was visually uninviting. Traffic and user engagement was declining steadily and members often complained that they couldn’t find what they needed and that the site had limited value as a resource.

So, the strategic and thoughtful redesign and redevelopment of SURGONC.ORG was critical to successfully rebranding and repositioning our organization as a leading resource for our global membership of more than 3,200 surgical cancer care professionals. After months of planning and hard work, the new website—complete with a user-friendly platform, a comprehensive content strategy and a contemporary, professional and welcoming design—exceeds our expectations.

Reinforcing the value of membership and community.

With over 3,200 members, the new website desperately needed to reflect not only the new branding but the value of membership by simultaneously launching alongside a new SSO online community portal that connected members to discuss both the SSO’s mission and profession.

Increase awareness of the SSO brand and the impact of the profession 

Cancer surgeons from around the world have joined the SSO community to advance their knowledge and remain on the leading edge of research and science. Being an SSO member delivers benefits that keep you growing, advancing and attaining greater satisfaction with your performance and your career.

Increase click-thru rates while pioneering a “click and go” user experience 

SSO website content was strategically audited and SEO optimized into a cohesive “click and go” user experience that reduced scrolling and “cut” the number of clicks in half.

Society Of Surgical Oncology Website Launch Across Devices Digital Services

Other points to note:

  1. We built an integration bridge between the WordPress CMS and the iMIS platform
  2. The site offers single-sign-on between other SSO web properties
  3. The site is responsively designed
  4. connects with the ExpertED Learning Management System (LMS) to offer members learning opportunities

You can view the site at

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