“All Together,” The Society of Women Engineer’s Blog

As part of our content marketing strategy for the Society of Women Engineers, we took a comprehensive approach to create a destination showcasing STEM news and trends that mattered to members while simultaneously keeping members on top of society news and events.


Society of Women Engineers


The organization’s existing newsletter was not having a desirable impact, and we wanted to evolve our strategy to reflect trends in digital marketing and membership engagement.

The website design of All Together is fresh, but comprehensive while hosting plenty of custom features including Google News and Apple News integrations, optimized imagery and keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and compliance with modern accessibility standards.

Every day, articles and specialized content (video, podcasts, graphics, etc.) are being created that offer insight on the latest information related to women and STEM fields. DJG supports SWE in overseeing the content strategy and daily execution. We develop all content articles, through interviews with members and other influencers in engineering and technology, as well as by soliciting submissions, to produce stories that our audience can learn from and be entertained by. We fold in videos and podcasts to supplement traditional articles and tell stories in a variety of ways. We take a newsroom approach and update content in real-time while ensuring that all content is distributed across multiple channels – including social media and implemented into our PR efforts.

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Contributed content rounds out the effort, making All Together a member engagement strategy in addition to a Society news platform. Members, organizations and other contributors can submit content to be featured. DJG facilitates this process – reviewing submissions and coordinating publication.

All Together continues to grow as the 40,000+ member association recognizes the society’s blog as a valuable source of news and insights. The blog generates approximately 18,000+ users/month.

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