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When the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) localized its annual conference and career fair, we needed an event website solution that housed content and information for seven events across the globe in a unified, cohesive way.

SWE partnered with David James Group to conceptualize and build an event website that would be an offshoot from its existing association website, but remain relevant and on brand. The event website encourages members and non-members to learn more about SWE's smaller, localized events, giving a broad view of the program as well as specific conference-related information for each event.

The biggest challenge of the WE Local website would be providing each of the seven events their own pillar to stand on while ensuring that the events were recognized under the same SWE umbrella. With five events in the U.S., one in India and one in Europe, there were a large variety of content updates, deadlines and verbiage that would add to the challenge of keeping the site fresh.

Society of Women Engineers WE Local Event Website

Our solution was to create one website hub for the WE Local brand and house seven microsites for each of the conference host cities under that main website. DJG created WE Local branding and content for each conference that paid tribute to each of the cities’ local cultures in order to further differentiate each host city website. Each host city site had it's own identity while being recognized as a part of the overall WE Local program.

The event website solution serves as a destination for people looking for broad information about the WE Local brand and events, but also more specific information about individual events such as registration, sponsorship, how to get involved, and more.

Click here to view the WE Local website.

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