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Maybe it's some insight on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices. Perhaps it's commentary on brand identity or brand architecture. Might even be video production tips, social media highlights or public relations thought leadership. OR it could be what we think is cool, fun, interesting or odd. Whatever it might be, this is a collection of what's on our minds.

You’re not SXSW…and that’s OK

When meeting with clients to brainstorm creative marketing ideas for events, or discuss how to make a member or client experience better, one question we hear often is: “How can we be more like SXSW?”

David James Group Acquires Blue Water Communications, LLC

David James Group has acquired Bradenton, Florida based Blue Water Communications, a leading boutique communications agency serving museum, architecture, performing arts and destination clients.

#WEAmsterdam — It’s kind of a big deal

Team DJG’s director of digital media and social media manager traveled all the way to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to work We Local’s European conference, #WEAmsterdam.

Tips for Your First Virtual Video Interview

A list of tips for nailing a virtual video interview.

Social Media is a Team Sport

You can’t grow a client’s social media presence unless they are committed to engaging with their colleagues, members and stake holder organizations on these channels.

We build and craft content - image of a woman looking up at David James Group content

We build craft and curate content.


A photo of a wave turning over within the ocean

David James Group Acquires Blue Water Communications, LLC

The view behind a video camera prior to producing a professional video

How to Produce a Professional Video

Elvis shaking hands with President Nixon - Power of the handshake

Shake Your Hands

A series of tweet bubbles that reflect the idea of a Q n A

What’s a Twitter Q&A?