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The Web is Going to Change Eventually: Exploring the Effects of Web3
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Exploring the Effects of Web3: The Web is Going to Change Eventually

Distributed applications & websites running on the blockchain. No more centralized servers, hosted by anyone anywhere around the world. Learn why this change is important & how it will affect you.

Top 5 Gen Z Marketing Trends for Associations in 2022
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Top 5 Gen Z Marketing Trends for Associations in 2022

Many marketers believe that millennials are the most difficult generation to market to. But actually, this isn’t true—it’s Gen Z, or those born after 1996. In fact, understanding how this demographic differs from millennials and what they want will make your outreach to them a whole lot easier.

The World is Changing Association Podcast Graphic
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The World is Changing … Are You? A Conversation with Bâton Global on the Future for Associations

Stir & Tell Podcast: EP 14 – The World is Changing … Are You? Featuring special guests: Wade Britt, MIBS, Chief Operating Officer and Molly Lopez, MS, CAE, Senior Consultant of Bâton Global (B|G).

Britt, Lopez, and podcast co-hosts Chris Martin and Ron Zywicki of DJG discuss how associations and other organizations have adapted to the pandemic and what adjustments do they need to make coming out of it.

Topics covered: staff acquisition/retention, workforce development, membership/member retention/dues, strategic planning, and the future of events.

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Website for Cryptocurrency Donations

As cryptocurrency gains popularity as a payment type, association websites need to be prepared. Here are three tips to help make the process simple and easy for your donors and members.

Neuroscience for Nonprofits: Understanding the Donor Mindset
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Neuroscience for Nonprofits: Understanding the Donor Mindset

Are you a nonprofit that wants to engage your donors better? Find out how neuroscience can help you understand the donor mindset and make fundraising more successful.