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Maybe it's some insight on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices. Perhaps it's commentary on brand identity or brand architecture. Might even be video production tips, social media highlights or public relations thought leadership. OR it could be what we think is cool, fun, interesting or odd. Whatever it might be, this is a collection of what's on our minds.

The SEO Plan Checklist That All Associations Need to Use

When launching your website, or even updating your current website, it’s important to have an SEO plan checklist handy that serves as a reminder of what needs to be done to make your digital presence a success.

Rebranding Your Association Doesn’t Have to Mean SEO Suicide

As you consider a rebrand of your association, you might worry it could lead to SEO suicide. You might think that your rebrand will negate all of the progress, in terms of site traffic, that you have made prior to the new brand launch. But it doesn’t have to.

Using Brand Journalism to Promote the Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) uses brand journalism to connect with its membership, attract new members, and further the goals of the Society.

What Today's Digital Savvy Folks Read to Get Their Day Started

We asked a couple of DJG news hounds what their favorite news sources are and got great feed back from Angie Myers and Lynnette Werning.

Producing a Podcast

Recently the David James group was asked to start producing podcasts as a way to highlight a professional organizations members and organizational focused issues. Since various individuals were located in different locations, we needed an online solution that provided professional audio quality for a situation that is often recorded in person.

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Rebranding Your Association Doesn’t Have to Mean SEO Suicide


8 Ways to Make Membership Marketing More Effective

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Website Maintenance Plan... need one

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You’re not SXSW…and that’s OK.

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What’s a Twitter Q&A?