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Spotlight on Angie Myers

From hurricanes to politicians, Angie Myers has a story for every state she's worked in.

DJG Named Best In Show for Web Design Capabilities

DJG boasts three recognitions from the W3 Awards, honoring outstanding Websites, Web marketing, Web Video, Mobile Sites/Apps and Social content created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers and creators worldwide.

Driving membership: One size does not fit all

Simply put, your organization needs to plead its case to each member and non-member. If someone has to choose between Netflix or your association dues when planning his or her budget, your dues may be on the chopping block if he or she has to pause to figure out the last meeting he or she attended.

We build and craft content - image of a woman looking up at David James Group content

We craft and leverage content.



Rebranding Your Association Doesn’t Have to Mean SEO Suicide


8 Ways to Make Membership Marketing More Effective

Security, Protection, Anti Virus, Software, Cms

Website Maintenance Plan... need one

creative marketing ideas for events - Young girl in a super hero custom facing to the left with her arm out - Event Marketing

You’re not SXSW…and that’s OK.

A series of tweet bubbles that say the word Tweet on them

What’s a Twitter Q&A?